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Graduate Program

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Certificate Program in the Teaching of Psychology

Graduate students pursuing the PhD in Psychology may enroll in a non-degree program providing a Department-based Certificate of Training in the Teaching of Psychology. 

The Program

Enrollment in this certificate program is voluntary.  Students enroll by completing an application, which must include a statement of intent and a plan of activities for completing the components of the certificate program in a timely manner.  When you have completed the program, you complete a final report.

The program includes a set of activities on the part of students who choose to enroll.  Students may complete these activities in whatever order they wish and at any point in their graduate careers.  However, all the activities must be completed. 

The activities include:

1)                 Workshop attendance:  Attendance at a one-day teaching workshop is required.  These workshops are delivered to prospective and continuing Instructors in the Psychology 100 and the Psychology 367.01 programs.  The Center for Faculty and Teaching Assistant Development (FTAD) also offers workshops every Autumn.  Those who enroll in the teaching certificate program must attend at least one of these workshops during their graduate studies.

2)                 Teaching:   Students are required to teach autonomously in the classroom at least twice (i.e., two quarters) during their graduate study at Ohio State.  This teaching experience must be under the close supervision of a member of the faculty, ordinarily the Faculty Coordinator of Psychology 100 or the Faculty Coordinator of Psychology 367.01.  Other supervised teaching experiences may also qualify.

3)                 Course work:  Students must take one course focused on teaching, either the psychology department course Seminar in the Teaching of Psychology, the psychology department course Practicum in the Teaching of Psychology, or the course entitled Education Policy and Leadership 851: College Teaching offered in the College of Education.

4)                 Peer and mentor observation:  Students are expected to visit the classrooms of no fewer than two peers and one faculty mentor.  Selections of peers and mentors should be made intelligently, and selection of an outstanding teacher is advised. To enhance the value, students enrolled in the certificate program must write up a one-page description of their visit and focus in it on teaching per se (rather than content) when observing.  These papers should be completed in a timely way, and submitted to the student’s Advisor and to the Faculty Coordinator of the Certificate Program. 

(Students who are enrolled in the Preparing Future Faculty program are exempted from this requirement.)

5)         Teaching Observation:  Students enrolled in the Certificate

Program must be observed in the classroom at least twice by a Faculty Supervisor of their teaching.  Oral or written feedback must be provided to the student.

Application to Enroll
Documentation of Completion

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